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Hey, Sparkle Eyes (2000)

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Some of Us Are Here (1997)


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Merlin Pool Music (Independently released)


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1: Fallout

2: 5 Years To A Day

3: Horny Love

4: Minnesota

5: HeartThrob

6: Jump, Bink!

7: Straws

8: Stars Fall Down

9: My Place

10: Babylon

11: Penis

12: Summer 97

13: One Who Knows




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Merlin Pool Music (Independently released)


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Listen to three against four songs on MP3.COM

Listen to Brandon Patton's solo material on MP3.COM

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1: Grace (3:26) A tribute to Jeff Buckley, who died tragically in the summer of 1997. This song starts off the album, appropriately, with suggestions of three against four polyrhythm and percussive guitar playing. Anand sings "why did I not listen well before?"

2: Bonedragger (4:55) "A weird little poem I wrote after reading a book called Riddley Walker, this kind of post-apocalyptic Huck Finn. It's sort of an eerie funk about death and inevitability." - Patton

3: Midnight Ramblings (3:14) A fast slapping acoustic song. Anand gives an eye roll to angsty intellectual chatter: "I am content to sit here listening as you take apart the world . . . but it really doesn't matter to me".

4: Bottle (4:31) A bass-driven ballad with beautiful, intricate guitar work. As the song progresses, it changes, gaining a manic quality as the tranquility of a good relationship turns bad, and a wine bottle shatters on the floor.

5: Please (4:10) Rich chords and harmonies mark this anthem about inertia and need. "When I woke up today I tried to go the other way...but I end up at your door". The song climaxes as Anand cries out "take my handle,turn itó please".

6: Battering Ram (2:29) A horny hard rock romp about . . . um . . . sexual determination. bluesy chords, odd time signatures, wild guitar solos.

7: Frontroom (5:33) It starts out as a funky acoustic groove about the strange vibe in a hospital waiting room, "they ain't got no sympathy for me, they don't know my face...calling out next as they flex their finger...put me in my place." But when Nate Van Til drops "The Bomb", it gets down, with deft wordplay like "the ways I make my funz iz/ I makes the crazy punz, see/ the way that everyone shuns me/ for having the verbal runs, see/ the loneliness stuns me".

8: Statement (4:27) [Download 40 seconds of the song in MP3 format by clicking on the song title. (1.2 megs)] Distorted guitar and slap bass rock hard and syncopated. Vocals are cold and mechanical with both vocalists clashing together: "I do not trust the word love/ It produces self hypnosis/ And a strong impression/ That to love is simple." "If you think that's a strong statement", says critic Dave Merrill, "you have to hear the rest".

9: Trainsong (4:47) This acoustic song, sung by Anand, was chosen for the feature film "Who's On First." Cyclical, train like verses open to a lush and powerful chorus.

10: Untwined (3:13) Just Anand and his electric. "Another year, another hour, it all collapses over me...and I am missing you".

11: Slight Return (1:43) The Bomb, revisited.

12: Without Shame (5:10) A great driving song. Laid back feel, peacefully resigned vocals: " If I don't know what I'm running from, I may know someday/ If you see me smiling as I run, remember me that way". Also appearing in the movie "If You Only Knew".



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