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L.A. Joe, Soundcheck Magazine

Three Against Four - Some Of Us Are Here - 12-song CD

Mixed by Mark Allen Miller @ The Slaughterhouse. Mastered @The Monkey House, Northampton, MA.

Thanks for the letter and your "press kit under construction" looks fine. Music sounds good too. Very well recorded, nicely sung, love the bass player, drummers got a killer feel and "Bonedragger" has some of the stuff on Hendrix' Axis Bold As Love. Then we've got some super fast acoustic guitar licking on "Midnight Ramblings." Geez this is a nice bunch of songs you've got here. I also like "Battering Ram" with its stuttering intro, "Frontroom" (Drums right - guitar left? Why not.) "Statement" (is that Daffy Duck cackling on the intro?) and, of course, my very best favorite "Grace." That's the one that could carry you over the waterfall of fame and fortune.

- L.A. Joe

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