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New Release!

Brandon Patton - Should Confusion (just released August 2003)

A solo album with guest performances by Anand Nayak, Scott Kessel, Matt Steckler, Kevin Barry, Gaby Alter, Dan Cantor, and Macarame Basket Full of Skulls.

Featuring "Counting the Paces", "3100 Miles", and "Did That All Before"

Also Available:

three against four - Hey Sparkle Eyes (2000)

Featuring "HeartThrob", as heard on "Monster Garage".

three against four - Some of Us Are Here (1998)

The first album, on college radio charts in 1999, with guest drummers Ben Stanton and Don McAulay. Out of print. Still available as a CD-R copy with Color Xerox booklet.

Brandon Patton - Nocturnal (1997)

Featuring "Park City is not L.A." and "Erotica".

How to Order

To get a copy of any of the above CDs, we can do it old fashioned style:
send $15 (yes! this includes shipping!) as a check or Money order written out to Brandon Patton to:

Brandon Patton
Merlin Pool Music
540 St. John's Place Suite 4G
Brooklyn, NY 11238


send paypal payments to:


if you insist on paying with a credit card, go to CDBaby and search for either Brandon Patton or Three Against Four.

All prices include shipping, for one CD, within the United States and Puerto Rico.
Add $15.00 per additional CD.
Add an additional $1.00 for shipping to Canada.
Email me first for pricing on other international orders.

Shipping is usually prompt (3 to 5 shipping days after receipt of check) but occasionally I am traveling and the turnaround is longer.