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Brandon Patton, originally from St. Paul, MN, made his first solo record, Nocturnal, in 1997, during the middle of the night in a forgotten room in the basement of a corporate building in Easthampton, MA. To this day, nobody knows that the noisy ventilation system kept getting turned off in the middle of the night. He then teamed up with Anand Nayak in Massachusetts and they formed the Boston area power trio three against four. Two albums and four drummers later, they had toured the North and Northeast and built up a following, awkwardly schmoozed it at the Sundance Film Festival, placed music in assy Hollywood movies, and been coughed on by many a skeevy bar hag. After blowing a hefty chunk of change on what he hoped would be their breakthrough album, that band fizzled, and Patton fled in frustration and spent a year traveling in his van, Bessie. Ironically, right after breaking up, three against four got their music placed in the popular TV show "Monster Garage" and gained a little posthumous attention. Later, after spending a heart-wrenching year apart from his sweetheart, he returned in anguish and desperation to Boston to win her back. He wrote the songs on Should Confusion during that enterprise. They now live together in Brooklyn, NY.

Patton has also toured as a bass player with Solea, Matt Nathanson, and Hummer, and played with Jim Aveni, Joe Sibol, Thunderpussy, John Vanderslice, and Too Cool For School.